Leather Design Course
Do you like needlework? Are you interested in embroidery and patchwork? What about sewing and knitting? Beadwork? Phytodesign? There is also leather design.
What is art for you—is it distraction from commonness?

Of course there are some people who enjoy washing up but if you're already sick of pans and your vacuum cleaner is your personal enemy, then take up art and create your unique accessories! They are the things that make a woman unique!

All you need is wish and some skills.
Our design studio will teach you to create your own unique accessories (everyday handbags, cosmetics bags, trouser belts and art belts for any waist, purses and bags for mobile phones (with flowers, tassels, beads, bows, stars—whatever you like!), bracelets and bead wrist straps, pendants and earrings, caskets for small things, frames for portraits of beloved ones, pictures to be hung on walls and everything you like).

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