Leather Design Course
About A Handbag
A handbag. The essential attribute of any woman.

It can really tell a lot about its owner!

When you go to work you have a business briefcase in you hands.
When you go to the theatre you carry a small evening bag.
When you have rest you have an airy nosebag.

Designers from all over the world pay attention to the bag theme. A bag is the main accessory giving perfection to your appearance.
Gabriel Chanel said that accessories are the things that turn a woman into a woman or inevitably spoil her appearance…

You will not go to the theatre or to a date with a mesh shopping bag, will you? If you are a young girl and if you go to a party you definitely need to emphasize your individuality with a small pouchette!

Would you like to have a new handbag?
Make it with your own hands!

Create your handbag—any handbag—from a severely tawdry to an exquisitely fashionable one.
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